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My job is to build trust with you. And that means I have to show up with 💯% of what I've got.🎉(I launched the course I've been emailing you (a lot) about these past few weeks: The Fearless Creator Intensive.)

I reached that goal and delivered.  

I took the rest of the day after the class to reward myself.   I went for a walk, to a gym class, ate a healthy meal. 

 I caught up with laundry and watched Girls5Eva on Netflix.   

I felt so relaxed.

🥱But weirdly - I could not fall asleep. 


There was really nothing much on my mind - I didn’t think….


But then I realized, duh … A page has turned, Naomi.


No longer focused 100% on this launch and creating the content for the course - I have to turn 💯% of my attention to the next thing.


😰And that is a biggie.


I was chosen to take the virtual stage as the opening speaker for for 7 amazing women with talks that will bring you to tears and also empower you to trust your voice.


It has taken me a LOOOONG time to get to a place where I could trust my voice.🌟When I am serving you - no problem.


My happy place is in 1:1 with my clients, coaching a small mastermind or workshop, writing this newsletter.🥳


But when I fear that I might be judged --- ew, that still triggers some old fears.The page has turned and I have 9 days to memorize an 8-minute talk I submitted yesterday.

Maybe that was why I couldn't sleep last night. (Ya think?!) 

🤗But we are not alone!If we are turning a page in our lives - we are going to feel afraid!Here are few opening remarks from YESTERDAY's first Fearless Creator Intensive Course:

  • “I’m here because I did a free course [Naomi] and I couldn’t stop thinking about it!  I am trying to get out in the world and there is a lot of fear with that!


  • “I've been dying to work with Naomi, because the first time I worked with her was so enlightening.  I want to elevate myself to the next level, but there is a lot of fear with that."


  • “I took a workshop with Naomi and it completely blew my mind in so many ways, and I am taking time to rebuild and figuring out how I can put my feet on the ground to be the creator I know I can be.”

Picking up the theme?YOU WILL LOSE SLEEP if your page is turning. 

 🎉But not just be cause you are afraid -- maybe you are just too excited to sleep?What page are you writing now in your life?  What's the page turning toward?What do you need to do to make that happen?

🎉Let's get excited and loose some sleep over our next big page turner!

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