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On to Something?

You know when you know you are on to something?

When you can't believe what you are hearing, sensing or feeling -  but in the best way.  

I've had that experience a lot as a coach.

You know when I experience it the most?

When I am coaching a group of women. 

Years ago a mentor said something to the effect of "The group will find what it needs, you don't have to do the work for them."    

That was a life changing perspective.

And it is so true.

The #1 most important skill any life coach must bring to her client or group are her deep listening skills.

She has to be able to hold space and find out what the space between her and the individual or group wants to say.

Which means she has to say less.

When I say nothing and then something emerges inside of that space that has nothing to do with me, but everything to do with what the group created inside of the space I am holding . . . 


I am delighted and amazed by the synergies the artists found between them during this week's group session - it's so cool to witness energy shifting toward possibilities.

And all I had to do was get out of the way.

You can apply this perspective in your life too.

Do less.  Listen deeply. 

Hold space through the discomfort of not doing, fixing, solving, pleasing, over-accommodating.  

Something will emerge.

And it will surprise you.

That I can promise.

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