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No More Excuses

After a 48 hour getaway to New Hope PA with my beaux, I dropped him at his apartment and went straight to Stew Leonards.


It got me thinking about my relationship to "going away." I don’t travel much at all.  


After my husband died I had a lot of good excuses for staying close to home.  


The kids were small then. 


Going away required a lot of preparation, favors, requests for support.


But logistical challenges weren't what deterred me from travel.


Spending money on a trip - even when I didn’t have it - didn't deter me either.


The real resistance was going alone 

“Going away” has always triggered two very old beliefs: 

  1. A belief that "something bad" might happen to my family if I’m not there to protect them

  2. A belief that I am not capable enough to navigate the unknown places I’d be driving, flying, walking toward where, inevitably, "something bad" would happen


I don’t have those excuses anymore.  I know the root of those fears. 


I’ve nurtured the bejesus out of my scared parts.


 I’ve instilled new beliefs that are based on the truth of my adult experience.  (Which has had its share of "something bad" happening).


Today I believe: 

  • I am capable and resourceful even when all hell breaks loose. 

  • I am never alone, even when I am by myself.

Having beliefs that are true for me today doesn’t make the thought of traveling by myself or traveling by myself with my kids fearless, but it makes it POSSIBLE to take steps with much less fear. 

It got me thinking about you.


What are you afraid of being, doing or experiencing that you also want to be, do or experience?


What do you believe that you don’t have enough of? 

Courage? Time? Money? Space?What can you believe about yourself that makes it POSSIBLE to imagine taking the risk?   The rest is stuff you can do - I know you can!

You are a creative, resourceful and whole grown woman with YEARS of proof behind you that you can do scary things like 

  • spend money on yourself; 

  • take time to rest, create, explore; 

  • claim space as your own

  • declare your worth, your capacity, your desire

 I know you are going to ask all the right questions, prepare like a warrior and hold yourself accountable once you make your commitment.You are never alone. So fear less. I'm here with you too. 

 If you are interested in liberating yourself from fear that keeps you stuck, book a discovery call with me and find out how!

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