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It's the Magic Number

Did you know it takes 300 repetitions to create a new memory in the body?

When I was 23, I practiced a military grade Japanese theater method over a nine month period.

The training consisted of stomping, squatting and standing still in uncomfortable positions and for long periods of time while reciting Greek or Shakespearean sonnets. 

When my grandfather, who was a WWII Veteran sat in on a training, he was utterly confounded.

Why would my sweet granddaughter subject herself to this bootcamp?

I was afraid of a lot of things back then.

I attribute the transformation I experienced during that time to not only the rigor, but the repetition of the practice.

After nine months, and well over 300 repetitions, I felt as if my DNA had shifted.

Not in ways that could be detected outwardly, but inwardly ... I became less afraid.

The impact of that outcome was that I felt more alive.

I was more willing to take risks that were unimaginable to me before.

As a coach, I am always learning about the benefits of practice. 

The regular practice of certain specific skills over a period of time can change your relationship to fear.

Don't you want to feel your aliveness in an embodied way?

For the next six months I am engaged in a coaching curriculum to deepen my work with this kind of transformational work.

I can't wait to share what I learn with my clients and with you in my upcoming courses and through this newsletter.

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