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How are You Doing, Really?

Listen, I know it's not easy sustaining the growth you are going for.

It's not easy doing a lot of things we do to keep our shit together on any given day - walking dogs, feeding our families, picking up prescriptions, caring for children or parents, taking care of our health - all of it takes time that we sometimes  (okay, often)  begrudgingly give.

I was at CVS twice yesterday to pick up medication for my kid, and that is not my record.  

What I can tell you, and what I told a client yesterday who was flying high last week and hit a low the following is - that is the deal.  

(Sorry, but it is).

The deal of being vulnerable and honest  - of going big with your desires -  is that you will experience crushing self-doubt and fear along the way.   

When you are tired or sick, when you've ignored your needs, left your heart unattended or when you have no idea what to do next - you will bump into that old belief you thought you handled and it will wh ack you where it hurts.

I can also tell you that those moments are gold.  

My client and I went into the gap of her emotional pain and asked it: How are you (pain, hurt, disappointment)? How are you, really?

In the gap she found the truth under her fear and resistance. 

Once she attended to what was happening in the gap, she remembered what mattered most to her. 

She connected again to her courage and re-committed to her Self to take the next scary, thrilling, messy step forward to begin again.

And she felt lighter

She looked lighter. 

She knew what she wanted to do next and knew she was capable of doing it. 

Ask yourself: How am I doing, really?

The dark is terrifying, but if you can slow down and dip into the fear and worry underneath those moments of begrudgement, resistance or despair -- you'll find your path again.

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