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First Thing Is First

I woke up this morning with my mind shooting off fire works.🎇

I love that time right after I open my eyes, because that's when my creative thoughts are most active. 

I will often stay put for a while, just allowing connections to fire, until they start to repeat, then I get up.

Walking in the woods is my second most stimulating creative time.

But lately I've been waking up tired.

That's because, and this is just a hypothesis, I am officially menopausal. For the first time in my life, I am having trouble falling asleep.

And that messes with my morning mojo.

But last night I fell asleep fast.

So this morning my brain was on hyperdrive.

I was thrilled to be making connections and seeing big possibilities!

I saw how I could:

🎆Refresh my book cover

🎇Design a visual aid for my "Braving Creativity" coaching process

🎇Hire a marketing specialist to re-launch my book

🎆Network into more speaking gigs

Then I started to feel a kind of urgency - Hello Overwhelm!

Fear thrives on feeding overwhelm with thoughts about how bad our ideas are, how dumb we are for having them in the first place, and how much we lack.

So I took my dog (and my overwhelm) for a walk.

As I walked I reminded myself, that while these are all great ideas and energetic inspirations, they don't require my attention today.

There are a few really important things I have to do before any of that can possibly come to fruition.

I came back, ordered two 6-packs of underwear from Amazon, asked my son if he needed new underwear, and sat down to write this.

First thing is first.

Writing my first keynote pitch this afternoon. Let's rock that first, Naomi.  And the rest will follow.

I really trust the creative process.

And that means allowing all that uncertainty to be there.

Today I got ahead of myself, and that was not the fault of menopause.

What is your "first thing is first" task on your runway to bigger possibilities?

I want to know!   

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