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Are you jazzed about a new project idea?  💃🏽🎭🎶✍🏽.


🔥And because it's my job, I have to prepare you, the further you walk into the fire of your commitment the more likely you will:

1. Get so busy that your friends will think you've abandoned them forever. 😨

2. Feel terrified and like you have a rash all over. 👿

When you make a commitment to begin something that has energy and meaning for you - that means something is changing.  💫

And because you are committed to creating something that will take up resources, mental bandwidth and time, you will have to say NO to other stuff.

And that's hard to do.


Because even though we are changing, we may not have changed what we believe about ourselves to make that change easy peasy. 🤪

(If you believe that you should just be able to "do it all" you are going to feel some pain).

If saying "No," or "I'm busy," sounds too harsh, try saying something true.

 "Oh, I'm sorry, I can't take that on or have lunch or squeeze you in, because I've made this exciting commitment to myself to create something new, and that's where my attention is going for the next few weeks."  

🌟If your friends, partners or children really care about you, they will give you the space you need. 

Remember, they can't help you if you pretend nothing is changing.

Once you are ready to go full-steam-ahead on your exciting commitment, you'll realize pretty quickly in that it's a friggen slog. 

It won't feel as juicy and as exciting as it did when it was just an idea.  

A client just recently reported hitting this moment yesterday.

She described it this way (paraphrasing here):

"I'm beginning this project. I don't want to think of it as a drag, but like I'm building something. I have to build the foundation. Do the groundwork.  Which isn't incredibly romantic or fluttery.  Its just like, Ok. Let's get to work."

I've been living these two feeling states simultaneously for the past two weeks.

Tomorrow, I get to walk through the scary and exciting feelings of completing a goal I set two months back.  

Do you want to see what that looks like?

🥳You can! 

Watch me walk through the fire of giving my first "Big Talk" for my award-winning book - Braving Creativity.   

I can pretty much guarantee it will be scary, messy and thrilling - as it should be for change to happen! 🔥

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