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Do you Know your Flight Path?

Imagine that you are a pilot of an airplane.

The path from where you are starting to where you are headingin my world,

is called your commitment.

Commitments are essential guideposts for any change process to be effective.

Before a pilot can chart the course of an airplane, they must know where they are headed, right?

The same is true for us humans on the ground.

If I am setting my course to arrive at the beautiful city of "In-Person Connection with my Ideal Clients", then I chart a course with small steps and goals that will get me to my destination.

And yet, we all know that even a well-articulated commitment is hard to maintain. 

Just as an airplane might experience turbulence in-flight or be redirected due to stormy weather - so are we susceptible to interference.

It takes a lot of energy to maintain a flight path.

And it's no different for us. 

Inner storms, our limiting beliefs and thoughts, causes our energy to drift off-course into energy-sucking turbulence.

It's human to drift.

Instead of worrying about drifting (causes more inner turbulence), bring your attention back to what matters most.

Where attention goes, energy flows, right?

Remind yourself of your commitment.

And if you aren't sure what you are committed to creating in your work and life, find out!

That curious energy will help you shift back on course. 

If you find yourself playing petty games about what you aren't or don't have enough of: S.T.O.P. -- you have drifted.

Once you notice that you are off course, you can always shift back into a commitment that has meaning and power for you.

Commit, drift. shift. (repeat as many times as needed .... :)

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