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Canned Response or Inspirational One, Your Choice.

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

When we are in a life transition, it's normal to feel confusion. After a job change, a kid moves out, a relationship ends or someone dies, we enter into a process of shedding the way things were and the way we were before. In transition, we get confused about our worth because we aren't who we were anymore and we aren't who we are becoming yet, either. It makes sense then, that in times of transition we might not know how to talk about ourselves -- we don't have the language for it yet.

On her commute into New York City with a friend to see a concert, my client started a pleasant conversation with a neighboring passenger.

The conversation came around to the inevitable:

What do you do? She knew she had a great Vision-centered answer, but it quickly slipped away and was replaced with, she said,” a canned response.” “I basically told him, I was in-between jobs.”

At her OBGYN a week later, the same question was asked, “What are you up to?”

She did only a slightly better job, she said.

My client had rehearsed something much more powerful than the words that ultimately slipped out, but she couldn't pull them out of her brain quickly enough before her fear stepped in with a "canned" response. Without lots of practice, telling the true story of your commitment to hold a bigger vision is a hard one to tell. We hold so much judgment about our entitlement to flourish.

Wanting to be “bigger” is one of the most common phrases I hear women say when it comes to their visions.

We want to be bigger than we've allowed ourselves to be in our lives, but we get stuck.

In times of transition, when our lives get shaken, we are more likely to take risks; To cross the threshold for #scarier #exciting #messy things to happen so that we can grow bigger than our fear of flourishing.

To begin the journey of growing bigger, we can start with imagining a bigger vision.

A vision where we flourish. A vision where we make the impact we want to make, have the presence we want to have, and hold values we want to express.

Your vision isn’t even “out there” somewhere. It’s right here inside of you this very moment.

Imagine putting your confusion into language that holds your bigger vision?

Can you turn a dreaded question into an opportunity to spark a bigger vision? What are you up to? Let me know!

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