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Womb to Grow

A client of mine bought a spiritual calendar last week.

She opened it to January and felt a jolt of recognition.

January is the womb month, it said.

She already knew that on some level, because her heart instantly softened to the truth of it.

Like any transition, a seasonal transition - when it coincides with other shifts you are experiencing - can create a profound sense of isolation - of confusion and mourning.  

It's natural to guard against those feelings.  They are hard and painful.

But what if you had the perspective that January was a womb you could enter?

Would you give yourself permission to allow the bubbling, churning, dissolving parts of the Self the space and time it will take to assemble into whatever your next beginning will be?  

Transformations do not happen in an instant. 

Nurturing our courage to do things differently - to break with a past identity, to realize a bigger vision - doesn't happen in a single moment or entirely on our own.

The womb includes the warmth of belonging to a process that is shared with others who will offer their wisdom, their strength and walk beside you.

If I believed my own transformation would arise in isolation, I wouldn't have had a shred of the courage I've had that brought me to a new beginning in my life.

What are the resources, the people, the teachings that would build a womb of January for you?

If your desire is to arrive at a Self that is transformed by time, events, losses and opportunities, January is inviting you to enter.

Who will accompany you on your path to a new beginning?

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