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Unfurl Your Sail, Let the Wind Catch

I am not a nautical person.  (I have an irrational fear of rogue waves and ever since I gave birth to my first child I get seasick even in the shallow end of the pool. )

But the metaphor of sailing works for me today.  So here goes.

We all want to experience the sense that the wind is at our back. 

We want to let down our effort and move forward while the wind does its part.

(Stay with me.)

Our confidence is like that welcome wind. 

When my clients take small risks everyday, they build confidence about their choices and the wind catches their sail!

They feel the exciting energy of the Universe working with them.

And, as is often the case when we change our game, old fears warning of an imminent shipwreck ahead suddenly pull the plug on our wind. 

When your fear realizes that this is not sailing class, but a voyage into open water, it stirs up the seas to stop you. 

Fear wants you to feel seasick and abandon ship.

Fear knows that you intend to

- invite people to finally read the book you wrote

- ask people to support (with money) your big idea 

- audition for a show or write or produce your own show

- apply for a grant for a kind of work you've never done before

- call yourself an artist and do the work you set out to do

Your fears will try to get you to shy away, make excuses, delay.

But you won't give up.

You've tasted the freedom of the creative, open, empty, vast space of becoming.

Something has changed in you.

Women in mid-life and later go through some pretty powerful transitions.

We are willing to take this risk because we understand something about life, about time and about what matters.

We are being called inward to unleash the winds of change that will take us to who we are becoming!  

But we must come prepared!  

What would you name the boat you sail? (The name is the fun part!)

You are the captain of your boat - what is your charge?

What are three things you will bring with you?

Who do you want in the boat with you, if anyone?

What are the points of interest you will see?

What is the figurehead of your ship - or what are the symbols you associate with this journey you are on?

You will become a skillful navigator, so take time now to get to know your vessel, your team and your course.  

Whip up the wind by taking small steps everyday and the wind will fill your sails.  

And if you need an experienced crew member  as a guide to set you off on your journey -  let's talk!

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