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Artists Who Turn the Scary, Thrilling, Messy Path of Change into Courageous Transformation


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“This is the story of what artists can create from the other side of soul-shattering change. Naomi and the artists in the book show us that the path toward wholeness is anything but straight."

Erika b Hess, Artist and Host of I Like Your Work podcast


"I love this book. It tells the real stories of real artists, the ones who get scared, who get sick, who get betrayed, who get off the mat and find the way to create. It is poignant and beautifully written and, well, just honest. If you're interested in the creative life, in artists, or in how to live, this book is for you!"

 Eric Maisel, Author of Coaching the Artist Within

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Artists show us how to make something out of nothing or salvage a wreck, and Naomi Vladeck is doing something similar for our emotional lives. With the insights of a life coach and the warmth of a best friend, she shows us how a crisis, disruption, or stagnation can become fruitful and fulfilling.”

Jori Finkel, arts writer for The Art Newspaper and The New York Times


“A beautiful collection of stories that encourage and inspire us to be courageous and to challenge our assumptions about how things are supposed to work out.”

Anne Bogart, Theater Director and Author of The Art of Resonance

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Braving Creativity is for you if you: 

Are afraid of change or want to control it. 
Have experienced a crisis or opportunity that changed everything.
Know you want to make a change, but feel scared about the path ahead.

Are at a crossroads and feeling stuck and confused about what to do next.

Feel committed to your own growth and want to learn from the experience of other brave creative women.

Know in your heart you are a brave creative who wants to transform her relationship to fear and the unknown!

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Author speaks about Braving Big Change

L.M. Feldman’s Story

Antoinette Wysocki’s Story

“Naomi is a candle in the night on the creative journey, providing solidarity on an often solitary path, and trust in the powerful unknown and unknowable forces of life. With captivating vulnerability, wisdom of experience, and practical smarts, "Braving Creativity" is a must read for makers and dreamers and those embracing the mystery at the heart of being alive."

Caitlin Trainor, Choreographer

"Naomi's personal story is the ballast for this amazing book—and the women who share their personal journeys provide glimpses into the impact of brave creativity. Women and nonbinary artists around the world face unbelievable challenges and this book provides a window into the power of transformational change. It is an inspirational must read!"

Alison B. Russo, Director, Artist Protection Fund

"Naomi Vladeck is a fierce and loving creativity coach. She creates community and inspires, sharing generously of the hard-earned life lessons from which she has emerged a compassionate champion of the artist in us all."  

Lynn Schmeidler,

Author of History of Gone

"Reader: attend carefully, with presence, to each word in Braving Creativity, for they are breadcrumbs beckoning you into the mystery, the cauldron of transformation. Heed the goosebumps that raise up on your arms, for they are indicators of truths, universal and personal, that whisper your soul forward. This is less a book and more a detailed transmission from source to spirit to page. Thanks to Naomi's masterful writing, you now have your instructions. Whether you are brave enough to take the first step is up to you."

Shana Lory, Executive Coach and Leadership Facilitator


“A powerful meditation on the terror, ecstasy, healing, and rebirth essential to the creative process. Naomi Vladeck gives sensitive and sage guidance, reassurance, and process to anyone looking to stoke or reignite that creative fire within, after any matter of ‘trauma’. An inspired read!”
Lisa Fragner, VP, Animation Development, Disney Branded Television

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