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The "Way Back" Force of Resistance

When I walk my dog on our familiar morning route, he has taken to stopping abruptly.

He wants to go one way, and I want to go the other. 

It's adorable, and also annoying. 

I can't move him because he is too big to pick up and stronger than I am. 

That's what resistance looks like (but notat alladorable). 

I had a client yesterday who was all set to send what seemed to her like an acceptable email asking for a meeting about a creative idea she wanted to share when. . .BAM!  

She was flooded by fear-thoughts:

What if they think I'm overstepping?  What if they think I think too much of myself? What if they think I'm not important enough? 

And more fear thoughts:

If I they do like the idea, then it will take up all of my time.  If it becomes something big, I won't get to my other  projects. 


Resistance had her cornered. Either they hate me or they like me too much.

If I've learned one thing after grappling with resistance, mine and my clients, for a long time now - it is this:

The one force stronger than resistance. . . is love.

That's it.  Love.

We have to bring love on the walk with us.

Love can look at fear and understand from whence it comes.

Resistance draws from fears that are in the "way back."

In past of our childhood or trauma when the stakes where as high as they get.  

Love brings fear down to human size where we can use our awareness and our skills to make a conscious choice about what direction to take, how big or small a step will be the first, and so on.  

Love is a force that will coax your creativity out from behind the shadow of fear so that you can take that risk you long to take.

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