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Sweat Pea

Yes, you. I am talking to you my sweet. Today I want you to know that I see you. You have such capacity for love, for delight in “the beauty of small things,” it makes me so cheerful to see you walk your path my little mighty child. I want you to know that I see you. I know you. My heart knows the extent of your desire to meet me as you are -my perfect love. Look no further my dove. I want you to know that you are whole right now, today. You don’t have to try and push as hard as you do. Today, let the pebbles you have cast do the work of rippling. Let them create connections while you rest or marvel at how it all unfolds. You are a wonder to me my sweet pea. I’m standing right behind you, my hand is on your shoulder, I’ve got you dear one. You have the strength of one who has lived many lives. Just standing here as you are, with your sweet love and desire, all who behold you will feel both. I want you to know that which you long to become, you already are. Yes. Yes. You already are. You are precious to me and a wonder to behold. That is the love letter I wrote to myself this morning. (more on that in a moment). Love - the question of where it lives and if we can give and receive it - has been on the mind of more than one of my clients this week. In Braving Creativity, I dedicate a chapter to Grief, but I could have just as easily called the same chapter Love. In it I talk about the time after my husband died when, standing on the threshold between the living room and foyer, I “felt overcome by love. I felt the immensity of all the love I had, which felt like all of the love in the world. Instead of experiencing less love as a result of my loss, I was able to feel all the love there was, and it was so big, bigger than I had ever felt love before.” What I have found is that when we feel the absence of love most profoundly, when we feel the deepest grief, is when the door to our most tender and most abundant love opens. It will be no surprise to anyone reading this newsletter that just as the subject of love was tugging at my clients’ hearts, I opened a newsletter from the brilliant, generous and loving author and speaker, Soulika Joulad. Her Isolation Journals (if you haven’t subscribed - do!) from this week introduced readers to best selling author, Elizabeth Gilbert's journal practice called Letters From Love. My response opened this letter to you. The prompt begins with, “Love, what will you have me know today? The essence of the practice is to bring tenderness and care to the self that is longing for love. I remember my therapist working with me on such a practice. It went like this: “Sweetheart, I’m here. I’m right behind you. Sweet girl, I’ve got you. You can go rest. Or go to the mall. You have worked and worried long enough to keep your family safe, my love. I am here now. I will always be right here.” No one had ever called me by those terms of endearment. It felt strange to try them on at first. If you have grown up perceiving conditions around your worthiness and safety, that kind of receptivity feels too risky. Is it safe to get too close to or to hope for love? But after so long, I began to see that little girl as separate from the woman I am now and also an essential part of her journey of self-compassion and creative growth. If I could see her, I could wrap my arms around her. If I could speak to her, she could receive me and know my love is safe and true. If I am to find my most courageous self expression, I need to go through love. When you hurt or rattle with self-punitive thoughts - can you conjure love that is already here for you and then write yourself a letter from the one who loves you? Sweet girl, you contain all the love in the world. Let's spread all this love! I'd be so grateful if you bought the ebook - Just .99 cents for two more weeks! You'll be added to the giveaway for the goodies including a custom "Brave Creative" necklace made by artist Gaby Moss of Gaby Moss Designs. And we are adding a new bonus to the giveaways next week - so you'll want to get yours!

Let me know you bought the ebook! With so much gratitude for you and your courage to create the work and life you love!

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