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Stretching Again

I had coffee with a friend from graduate school on Monday who I hadn't seen in 25 years.

After I got him up to speed (my husband's death, my biz, my book, my house sale, my boyfriend, my kids and my plans for 2024), I reflected on all of what I shared.

😝It's crazy to think that I really, deeply, sincerely, painfully BELIEVED that I was a person who wasn't brave.

He laughed, "It is crazy. The whole time you were sharing, I was thinking, wow, she is so brave!"

Girls, you KNOW I did not grow up believing I was brave. 

I wrote my book, Braving Creativity, to release that belief once and for all.

I'm telling you this because if you have a belief about yourself, that belief will change too.

But you have to shake yourself up a bit for that to happen.

When we shake ourselves up we are making choices to stretch beyond the familiar.  

I am about to stretch again. 🧘🏽‍♂️

Some days I resist stretching into a big goal. 🤕  I feel achy and cranky and kvetchy.

But I can't hide from the facts.

If I want what I want, which is to flourish, I have to stretch to get there.

Stretching requires making choices.

I am committed to writing and presenting a signature TALK based on my book in 2024.  

I made a CHOICE: To hire a speaker coach. 🎤

I put money DOWN: I paid her beaucoup bucks. 💰

I am taking ACTION: I start on February 14th.  💝

Stretching means asking for help.

I ask for help ALL THE TIME.

I have a great biz coach.

And I just hired a great speaker coach.

I will not wait on a waiting list for my own life where it matters most.

I get the help I need to jump into the deep end because there are some things that other amazing women 🦹🏾‍♀️ can do for me that I can't (and shouldn't) do for myself.

I regularly, consistently, do the smart thing and get the help I need to lean into the vision I have for my life.

That is the power of having a coach.

2024 is right around the corner.  🥳

And so is the rest of your life.

I believe that 2024 will be the boldest year of my life and the most empowered, most aligned, most lucrative year of Creativity Matters Coaching.  🎉

This year there will be more living big into creativity, more connection, more adventure and more transformational events. 🎶💵🎨🎭✍🏽

If you want to live big into your creativity, if you want deeper connections and more adventure and transformation, more money and more freedom than ever before - - there are three ways to kick of the year with me as your coach . . . 

👇1. Download this free guided visualization and worksheet to step into the vision you long to embrace in 2024.  This will get you ready to accelerate your your creative goals with me in 2024 (see next offer).

🗓 2. Mark your calendar (I'll send the deets this weekend) for a 5-day FREE course starting on Tuesday, January 16th: The Artist Accelerator: for women who are ready to turn their creative aspirations into inspired action!  

Having the right coach can mean the difference between you reaching your goals . . . and staying stuck on a waiting list.

It's my mission to inspire, champion and teach you what you need to do to make your creative vision a reality in 2024.

Say yes to any or all three invitations!  

Here's to a new year filled with love and courage! 

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