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Staying Ready

Readiness is defined as “the state of being fully prepared for something.”

A choreographer I interviewed for the book describes her mental state of readiness as akin to “having her knees bent,” prepared to spring into action.

Readiness is a powerful intention to set as you face the unknown.

I have a teenage son. He is a junior firefighter. He takes his commitment very seriously. He chooses it over school, over sports, over social time.

What he is training for - and hoping for - is to be called to respond to a "structure fire." A building fire is rare occurrence where we live, but that is what he is readying himself for by training and showing up at the firehouse every single day after school and on weekends.

Last night, it happened. A structure fire call came. And he almost missed it. (WHY he almost missed is for another story).

Readiness is a rigorous practice.

We are human. And just like a teenager, we will falter. We will miss opportunities because of sabotaging frustration, unhealthy boundaries, exhaustion, self doubt, depression, anxiety - you name it. There are no shortage of saboteurs on our path. And still, if we are committed to creating opportunities on our path, the onus of readiness is on us. Keeping our knees bent and ready for action is how we prepare to respond when opportunity strikes, but readiness also CREATES opportunity. When we prepare for something that we want to manifest, we are also increasing the odds that we will be there to receive it when it happens. I am not saying that we can (or would ever dare) will a structure fire into being. Setting the "intention of readiness" creates other opportunities too - outside of and sometimes beyond what we were going for in the first place. My son's practice of readiness led to him to becoming Treasurer and then VP of the Junior Core. A few days ago he was given his own beeper. (A very cool accessory for any kid). Without the "intention of readiness" to hit the payday he was after, those other opportunities would not have arisen in quite the same way or at all. What is the payday you are aiming for?

How would you prepare if you set the intention to be ready when opportunity strikes?

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