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You’ve felt it. 🌱

If you live in the north east, the warm breeze of early spring awakened something in you this past week, didn’t it?

Even for a moment, did you notice a shift?

Maybe you felt happy, at ease or energized? Maybe you felt nostalgic or optimistic?

As spring can only come from winter so too does our own renewal come from a period of transition.

Think about it. Most of us value a straight and steady progression in life. And as a result, we fear a turn or an ending in our nicely mapped road pinned with our destination.

A straight line has its merits, to be sure. But it is not the way to renewal. Artists know this. You couldn’t draw a straight line in my life - or in any of my client's lives. Even when I TRIED to follow one - it made jagged turns, it looped, it stalled, it dropped off the map entirely.

Nature turns in cycles, not in lines. Nature doesn’t fear endings, fallow time or rebirth. ☀️🍁❄️🌱

But we do. And that is okay. Fear is a great teacher.

In order to make our own renewal possible we have to learn endure the heat of summer and the dying off and the fallow times.

Sometimes it seems impossible to let go of what is gone, and even more impossible to live into a future without the people, places, things and identity you lived before. I know that place so well.

There is a purpose to these cycles of death and rebirth- to our wandering in the desert. It takes time to let go of what is gone and to discover what direction to take next. Spring cannot arrive without the confusion and quiet, and the loneliness of at least a period of time in transition.

All beginnings come from the formless, empty space of time in transition.

This is one of the creative functions of change!

As you celebrate holidays of renewal, consider your own courage for renewal.

If you were to value renewal over certainty, what could you imagine might be possible?

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