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Nothing to fear, get curious instead!

A powerful indicator that you will make the change you seek is if you invest money in your change process.

Just as accountability to an external source can give us the mojo to meet a goal, so can COLD-HARD-CASH.

When we invest money in our own growth, we are more likely to take our commitment seriously. It works better when you perceive your investment to BE A STRETCH. (I've had enough gym memberships to know that if I don't stretch, I don't commit.)

The human mind is built to default to a SCARCITY MINDSET that has a library of limiting beliefs on its shelves. That is why when we are making a change, we tend to default to a belief that WE DON'T HAVE ENOUGH. The first item on our "we-don't-have-enough-list" is money. The human mind is also very attached to those dusty old beliefs in your library. Those old beliefs were formed around very real fears. When those old fears are triggered, our brain goes into default mode even without our knowing it. If you want to make a change, and that change involves spending money on your growth, you'll have to get to know what your money beliefs are. When I got curious, I realized that I wasn't even trying to get more information about a loan because I had a belief that I couldn't handle money; that MONEY-HANDLING someone else's job. I had some reason to fear. The money beliefs I inherited from childhood and my experience of my husband dying with pennies in his bank account, fueled my avoidance. When I really got specific about what I was REALLY AFRAID OF, I found out that I wasn't afraid of debt. I was afraid to think bigger than my fear because I was AFRAID OF FAILING! (Ah, so many fears to befriend in life!) Once I could see my fear, I could open up my perspective enough to bring my other skills to bear. I employed strategies that made me feel SECURE ENOUGH to tame my fear and make the big change I finally had the courage to make. I left my job of 6 years, (exactly 6 years after my husband died) and have remained responsible to my other committments (to my children, to pay bills, to buy groceries), all with a secured loan.

My investment is working for me. It works for me to spend big bucks on my coach, who has the expertise and the passion to partner with me on my specific business goals. I am more efficient with my coach. I approach my planning and execution with more confidence and ease. I am kinder to myself. I feel connected to her and to the other women in my cohort with her. I feel energized to succeed. I enjoy life more when I am part of a movement of women making big change in their lives.

And I am meeting my goals with my coach.

When I fall into my money beliefs, I remind myself that my coach invests 3X's as much in her coach as I do in her. (Which I know means that my investment will only grow the more success I have).

I am sharing this with you because I don’t want you to be afraid of spending money on yourself in support of your goals.

Fear will be there whether you spend a $1 or $10,000, because fear isn’t really afraid of a number. It’s afraid of change.

Part of the deal of change is that it is uncomfortable. The other part is that there are no guarantees. I can’t change that reality. What we must do though, is to get curious about our money beliefs and test the assumptions that we don't have enough, because just maybe, we do.

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