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No More Secrets

"I’ve never said that out loud to anyone!"  

That's what two women came up to me to say after a talk and discussion I led for a women's creative biz group.

When I heard that I got so excited for them and so mad at resistance!

Resistance is the bully that keeps you from declaring your ideas, your vision, your accomplishments, your curiosity your desire to be bigger in your career. 

Resistance wants you to keep all of that a secret! 🙊

That just makes me so MAD AT RESISTANCE!


I'm not the only one getting mad.

“Shut up!” Is what one potential client I interviewed this week said to her gremlin thoughts while we spoke.

She said, "If I could only tell them to shut up!  I would not be terrified and shut down and I’d be able to JUST TRY, DIP MY TOE IN, LOOSEN THE KNOT."

But we can't stay mad at resistance for too long.  

Once we know what it's doing, we have to name it.

 Our blocks and beliefs deserve naming just as much as our goals and desires.     

Both deserve compassion and care. 🤗

It’s scary to play bigger.

Our resistance is pulling from the PAST.

It's stuck in the past when it needed you to stay safe, play smart and stay small. 

It told you: “It’s silly.” “Nobody wants what you have.” “You don’t have the talent, money, experience, time, space, blah blah blah.”

Resistance is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but it did the best it could when you needed its help the most. 

But now you want MORE.


It's the gold that will change the trajectory of your life! 

It’s a process to get to a place where you can assemble all the parts of a sentence that feel true enough to you to say it out loud.



(I know you are, you are a creative woman - curiosity is your happy place.)

If you want to UNLEASH YOUR SECRET, Let’s talk!

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