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Magic Making

There is a kind of YES that is critical to our growth.

It's the yes we say when we are ready to open ourselves up TO OURSELVES.

YES! I want more of that - more authenticity, more joy, more connection, more adventure, more experience.

🧙🏽‍♀️This is a powerful, witchy YES!

It comes from our inner stew - the dark brew that contains our hemming and hawing, our denial and our terror.

💫We stew for as long as it takes before a magical moment occurs.

As suddenly, it seems, we are ready to call the stew done.

We shout, I am done with the stewing!

We take a sip of the brew we've made.

🥣We digest the fear it was made with and metabolize it into action.

One of my client's shared this morning: "Now I just say YES! to whatever appears."

When we are finally ready to shift into a creative process of discovery, we stop stirring the cauldron of fear.

Instead, we enter the time of big YESSES! and small steps.

It's the time when we gather proof of our courage.

It the time to write new beliefs about ourselves and take on new thoughts that support our effort to grow and expand.

👻it's a witchy time too.

Synchronicities begin to appear - like magic.

But it's not magic.

Your YES! YES! YES! awakens all of your senses.

In that state of awarness, you can see more of what is already here.

When you get to YES! it's an exciting time. It's so creative and generative.

In our group call this morning the synchronicities were literally bouncing around the zoom room.

💫 Magic in the making.

Stew was served!

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