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Go from "Meh" to "Full-Color"

I am writing this to you on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

This new year, I am helping my clients set the record straight on the year that has just passed.

It's so easy to interpret our lives with a bias toward . . . let's call it Meh. The "Meh" bias. It sounds like this, "Well, what did I do this year, really?" "Yeah, I sent that out, but it wasn't a big deal." "Not much happened." "It was okay." MEH, right?

When we take careful inventory it becomes clear that MEH is a PERSPECTIVE that is dampening your actual full-color accomplishments, It's a perspective that is fueled by your fears.

It's so important to set the record straight because as we start this new season, we will be tasked with BEGINNING AGAIN.

And when we begin again, it won't be any easier. Not to say that all of life is hard, it isn't. But it takes effort.

Beginning again in a creative process of exploration where nothing is certain takes a kind of diligence - a devotion. How else could you commit to beginning again and again and again?

Your fortitude will benefit from occasional recognition and reward, and must be built into your process.

If you can shift your mindset form MEH to FULL COLOR, and build in some sweet recognition and reward for your work, you can then look ahead to the path before you.

'Meh' will creep up from time to time. Doing the brave work you do, feeling occasional terror is just part of the deal.

Remember that you are doing the work of the few.

Most people don't have the devotion you do.

Most people don't have the resources you might have.

Most people don't want to grow.

Most people feel fine just where they are.

But you are not most people, are you? Nope.

This time of year is so deeply resonate for me. My husband died in September, seven years ago. My father died 14 years ago, and the Jewish Holidays changed forever in our family. This year I am sitting at a Starbucks while my son is at ice hockey. And you know, the story I started to tell on the way over here was total "Meh" material. It was full of fear and nagging. And it wasn't true.

I am still the creator of my story. Set the record straight before you step forward into the new season. And when you can see ahead in full color, assemble your resources, find your champions, and enjoy the sweetness of your labor.

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