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Enough Time? Yup.

We have all blamed our stuckness on, among other things, not having enough time.

But I can tell you that there IS enough.

I finished teaching a free 5 day course that met 1 hour a day.

Five hours over 5 days.In that time, the participants took serious inventory of their courage.

They learned the value of a goal setting process that creates a framework to support it.    

What women accomplished this week included:

- Becoming aware of where they are and where they want to be

- Naming the values that they will stand for in 2024

- Gathering proof of their past courage to make choices that feel risky

- Declaring their a commitment to create a powerful quality of life shift in 2024-

Knowing their WHY!  Why do all of this?!  Why now?

There are other things you can do that will help you navigate the terrain of small action steps, each choice, each curious inquiry. 

But by far the most supportive is the work we do together.  

The hardest part of any change process will be the very early stages. 

 Resistance is a real bully early on. 

It doesn't want to change old scripts, establish new beliefs, make new choices, be in a process of discovery.

Your resistance wants guarantees.  It will not back off without them.  

But you don't want to live in a world where there are no surprises, no magic or alchemy!

So off you go into new territory!

Bring your champions, your likeminded others, your guides along.

The framework you create will be strong enough to tame resistance so that you can choose how to spend your time.  

And if you choose to grow, you'll have the thrill of having made the choice to create something new.

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