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Do you know where you are?

Do you know where you are?

I don't mean where you are physically - like at your desk or at the kitchen counter (where I am now eating the remainder of my son's cold oatmeal).

I want to know where you think you are in your life's journey.

  • Are you exactly where you want to be?

  • Do you need some gentle tweaking to feel just right?

  • Are you anticipating a big change?

  • Have you been through a big change event?

Time passes quickly the older we get, and it's important to know that NOT ALL TIME IS THE SAME.

When we are knocked out of the STATUS QUO we've enjoyed for a while, we will notice things that WERE NOT AVAILABLE TO US BEFORE. The nature of time in-between change and a new beginning holds new possibilities. But in order move through that transitional space, we have to be willing to tolerate the uncertainty of not knowing what's next. It is in this middle space (in between change and some future we cannot yet see) that CREATIVITY is so essential. Why? Because just like the process of making art is RISKY, the process of transforming ourselves is also UNPREDICTABLE. We can trust that something new will arise, but we will not know for certain what the outcome will be. And there is a rub: You'll have to give up your sense of destination for a while. Which is why asking the question "WHERE AM I RIGHT NOW?" is so important. It will help ORIENT YOU so you can be reassured that you are in a process of becoming, and that it has its very important purpose on your path to living a fully expressed life. If you are already feeling the anxiety or fear, excitement or confusion, that is associated with transition, be sure to: - stay curious and ask lots of questions - practice radical self-compassion - ask for help - set healthy boundaries - take a small step every day to test out this new territory - be willing to try If you already do these things, celebrate your courage!

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