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Choosing a Direction

I stayed up later than my seventeen year old last night, and I'm glad I did. At the end of that long House Speaker Bid process, Democratic House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries' did something important. He helped us see ourselves in a PROCESS OF CHANGE.

"Now I recognize that this is a moment of transition, as we transition from one Congress to the next, from one majority to the next, from a year of accomplishment to a year of ambiguity: a moment of transition. The American people, understandably after the events of this week, recognize that the Congress is at a fork in the road and are asking the question, what direction will we choose?" All of us face transition in our lives. For many of us, transitions pile upon each other like sediment in a stream that bends along a path already carved ahead. When we bring our attention WHERE WE ARE in that flow, we can become aware of our CHOICE to cut a new path. I spend every day thinking about transition, yours and mine. I think about the kind of transition that comes after big change and as a result of our choices. It excites me when I hear people talk about transition as an opportunity. Many of us are conditioned to fear change. We grasp. We delay. We deny.

It's not just the congress that Jeffries invites to ask this question of direction. He is asking all of us. He believes, as I know all of you do, that it is a matter of choice to be willing to endure the confusion that transition brings. It is a matter of choice to be vulnerable to our mess, to our fears, to our failure. If we do not lean on the creativity we been given, if are not curious about what we can create, if we are not devoted to our own growth, if we do not have faith that our effort matters - then a direction will be chosen for us.

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