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Can you Listen

"Listen to your intuition," is something you've heard a lot. But do you know what intuition is? Do you know how to find it?

Intuition is one of the great tools creatives have at their disposal.

Intuition is our internal guidance system. Our compass.

It shows up with bits of sensory information that run important sense-memory information to parts of our body, which we then have to interpret.

"I have a gut feeling," is what we often say when intuition is present. It points us toward our "right life." Intuition has a lot of INTEGRITY.

Intuition is so HELPFUL in our every day moment-to-moment life. It helps us make choices that feel right.

Some helpful tips to align with your intuition are:

1) RECOGNIZE IT when it comes knocking. It might feel like an energy shift, a heavy heart or goosebumps.

2) SLOW DOWN and ATTUNE INWARD: Listening inward is an ESSENTIAL mindfulness skill. We weren't taught how to listen inward in school. In fact, listening outward and seeking affirmation about what we feel from OUTSIDE OF US is how most of us operate most of the time.

3) Moments when intuition may be knocking:

- We want to say YES when our intuition would like to say NO

- We are frustrated or angry and lash out when our intuition would have us take a pause and uncover what is being defended

- We tolerate abuse or neglect or a situation that devalues us (ditto above)

- We see opportunity but make up a story about why its not possible or realistic - our intuition would challenge our assumptions!

- We say we aren't good or worthy enough when our intuition will beg to differ!

- When feel elated, aroused, or inspired followed by shame or contraction.

7) Ways to attune to your INNER WISDOM:

1. Slow Down! Your choices matter. Pause often to tune into what your intuition has to offer.

2. Trust it: Err on the side of trusting your intuition and make corrections later, if needed.

3. Get curious: "Hm, I'm tingling, that's weird, I wonder what that could be."

4. Ask Questions: "What is this feeling? Is there a need associated with it? What would feel supportive at this moment?"

5. Get resourced: Get rest. Ask for help from people who are well attuned themselves.

6. Small Steps: Small steps make big impact. If it feels right, then you are stepping in the right direction.

7. Reflect: Install the feeling when intuition served you in the past, and BUILD CONFIDENCE in your INTUITION.

And finally, IT IS NEVER TO LATE to make a choice that is right for you.

Artists have attuned to the gifts of intuition. They are a critical resource during times of uncertainty when there is no road map to follow. The map you have INSIDE is the one that knows best.

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