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Body Resonant Language

Language is one our most powerful personal growth tools. But it isn't just with our words that we communicate. Artists and creatives know that movement, material, sound, paint, film, humor and poetic language all have the power to transform our internal thoughts and our emotional states. With so many creative tools at our disposal, why do we often feel powerless and stuck in habitual behaviors, thoughts and beliefs? Research shows that what we think and also how we act influences how we feel. In other words, feelings aren't the primary drivers of our thoughts and actions. What that means is that we have more control over our thoughts and our feelings than many of us grew up believing was possible. Like other forms of creative expression, BODY LANGUAGE has the power to transform an unconscious emotional state and related beliefs and thoughts from limited or contracted to an internal state that is expansive and empowered. Amy Cuddy, Author of PRESENCE: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges, presents compelling evidence that we can act our way into an internal emotional state that feels powerful and creates outcomes that align more with our authentic intention to succeed. Cuddy famously demonstrates in her 2012 TED TALK how a 160 minute Wonder Woman pose can prime our nervous system to feel powerful. When we feel a state of power in our bodies, we are more likely to feel confident and, as a result, see better results from our intentions. When we feel the embodied power that the right kind of body language creates it resonates with our inner wisdom and with others as authentic and connecting. When we feel powerful in that resonant way, we are more effective at making an impact than we would be if we kept thinking and believing self-critical thoughts.

In my book (now due out in July 2023!), there are many examples of embodied and creative language that artists use to play and to practice creating transformational shifts in their lives. And boy do they create impact! Try to use your creative muscles and play with your body language to see if you can engage with the power, energy and confidence you carry to create something new today.

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