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Join the Braving Creativity Movement!
For artists who want to turn the scary, thrilling, messy path of change into courageous transformation.


Approaching your work with greater clarity and ease

You have the language to describe what you do and why it matters with confidence

You have created community with other like-minded women that champion your work!

You are focused on your goals and are in the flow of your creative process

You know your life’s purpose and can step into it in an embodied way every day!

You struggle with procrastination or motivation that sabotages your best intentions

You feel frustrated, like you are “chomping at the bit” to make a change, but you don’t have the confidence to commit to a course of action. 

You entertain limiting thoughts that shut down the promise of future possibilities.

You are afraid of not being worthy, talented, or smart enough and so you don’t try with abandon.

You set unhealthy boundaries that limit your energy, time and space to create, nurture and imagine.  

You are comparing yourself to other artists and creators who seem to be achieving their goals.

You are suffering and yet you know in your heart that you have something to share - In this lifetime - but time keeps ticking along without your having made progress.

But instead …

And, at what cost?

It’s easy to resist change even when we are suffering. Suffering is uncomfortable, but it is familiar. The kind of suffering that results from resistance shows up as frustration, anger, passive aggression, numbness, negative self-talk, fatigue, distraction, confusion, procrastination, addiction and grief of every kind.  

This is the face of resistance straining to keep you in the status quo. When you stay in the status quo, even small steps forward can trigger a backlash, making one step forward pull you ten steps back.  

If you are reading this, it is because the creative woman that you are -- the woman that has grown herself up through real trauma; the woman who has exhibited incredible courage; the woman who has led, and nurtured and manifested a life for herself -- SHE WANTS MORE!  You wouldn’t even know you wanted more if it WASN’T ALREADY AVAILABLE TO YOU.  

The fact is that it is a lot harder to resist your greatness than it is to express it.  It takes far more energy to hide in the shadow than it does to shine your light out in the world. If you are feeling that discomfort now, then you know how hard it is to resist your calling.

The good news is that you CAN DISARM RESISTANCE and get moving on your path today. I will celebrate your unique expression and consider all of the intersecting and intervening REAL-LIFE challenges that obstruct your path forward. THAT IS THE SECRET.  By attending to what is hard, by noticing what is keeping you stuck in old habits and patterns, you can begin to do things differently and make room for the possibilities for your future. 

Let’s put your ARTISTRY into ACTION!


Here is how creativity coaching with me can help you transform as a result of big change:

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 For over 25 years I have championed the work of artists in the arts and culture arena as a life coach, as a non-profit executive and founder.  

I’m also a resilience expert. We are, all of us, undergoing multiple transitions at once. I have learned through my own experience that change is a gateway to a life with meaning and purpose. Change is hard, especially the kind of change that we don’t invite or welcome. But even shifts that we do provoke are followed by a period of transition that can trigger all kinds of resistance AND is also a time that is full of possibilities.


Creative women deserve a champion to help them navigate real-life transitions so that they can make an impact in the world in the biggest and most authentic way possible.  

I support women artists and creators BECAUSE they are the change-makers who tell our stories, teach our children, touch our hearts and stir our souls.  If you are interested in deepening your own awareness around patterns and behaviors that keep you playing small - I am here to support you stepping into your gifts IN A BIG WAY.  

I am here to support you through life’s most challenging personal and professional transitions so that your perspective on change shifts from one of fear and avoidance to curiosity and action.  

Hi, I’m Naomi Vladeck.

What People Say

Liz Margulies

Director of Education, Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)


With so much change in my life and work, I wanted to make space to think creatively about my future. My entire professional life has been in the arts as an educator and program creator. I knew that I’d need to work with a coach that understood creative exploration. With years of experience working with artists and creators Naomi knows how to support creativity with kindness, humor and focused attention. She has helped me shift into a relaxed visioning process where I’ve made new connections and now have more clarity about what I’m most excited about doing in this next stage of evolution and growth.

Working With Me

Work with me and experience what a supportive partnership feels like when we are completely and SOLELY focused ON YOUR VISION AND GOALS.  

From the moment we begin our discovery call, you’ll feel safe, seen and heard so that we create the conditions for you to imagine the creative life you desire.  

If you've read this far, then you’ve already begun the work! Through my 1:1 Artistry into Action program you’ll move through these SIX PILLARS that will transform your relationship to your creative process.


Free yourself from old stories and beliefs that have kept you playing small and design a bigger vision that adds value and meaning to your life.


Connect with empowered others who can champion your vision, share your values and want you to succeed.


Recognize resistance and learn to dance in the moment to change old patterns and limiting thoughts that sabotage your efforts. Learn to practice self-compassion to improve your resilience and keep your liberating vision on track!


Become skillful at playing with options that are in alignment with your liberating vision and gather the proof that you are capable of creating the life you want.


Feel aligned and on purpose having installed and integrated new beliefs about what you are capable of creating in your life.  You are doing the work you were called to do at a new level!

Are you ready to provoke the change you are longing for? Are you ready to make the most out of this transition you are in? Are you ready to identify the “MORE” that you are destined for?

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