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Why 1 Degree Weekly?

Are you ready to hear from your peers about what they are doing to stay on track with their creative goals? Do you miss being in community with other women artists? Do you wonder how to realize your big vision while you are also managing a host of other real-life responsibilities and challenges?

I've created the 1 DEGREE WEEKLY NEWSLETTER just for you! Each week I'll share with you a brief anecdote from my work in the creativity coaching field. The goal is to connect you to other women artists in your cohort who are in the field with you every day so that you feel seen and empowered in your commitment to live your creative life.

Each week I get a message from a client in her mid-life or later who wants to deepen her commitment to her creative vision.

Perhaps she took a career path other than the dance, visual art or writing that inspired her early life and now she wants to return to something closer to that original source of spark, heart and purpose.

Or maybe she wants make a bigger impact with her artistry, but finds herself lacking the focus or confidence to commit to the actions that would get her there.

And the common thread throughout these conversations is her urgency. She FEELS IN HER BODY THAT NOW IS THE TIME to pursue her big goal.

However, right now, each one of these women reports some measure of fear: Fear of failing and of succeeding, of judgement, of letting go of control, of desiring more than she already has, of being found out as not good enough, smart enough, talented enough.

She is stuck in limiting thoughts and beliefs that are showing up just as she is gearing up to make a change. And these thoughts and beliefs are very convincing.

Does this resonate with you?

It’s not her fault that she is stuck. It has nothing to do with what she is CAPABLE of or even based in the reality of her LIVED EXPERIENCE.

Take INSPIRATION FROM HER! This newsletter will contain anecdotes from my weekly work with artists and creators WHO ARE OWNING THEIR BIG GOALS, BIG HEARTS, BIG DESIRES. They are actively working to tame limiting thoughts and replace them with THE TRUTH THAT THEY HAVE SO MUCH MORE TO GIVE. They are now willing to take actions to free them from the patterned beliefs and behaviors of the past.

The goal is to have all my readers feel that they are in the COMPANY of other women that reflect in their beauty and the boundless possibilities in their gifts by taking small steps forward on their path every day.

With so much love,


P.S. Want to explore more about how to get to where you are going? Download this FREE WORKBOOK and put your artistry into action to get to your finish line!


Welcome to "Field Notes"

Observations of Small Steps toward Big Goals

While *Emma prepared a family meal she had what felt like an epiphany. But it wasn't an epiphany really. It was the dawning realization that her artistic process mattered enough to share it openly with others.

Before that moment, she had taken for-granted that how she approached a new body of work she created during Covid contributed to an important narrative she could own and use to convey how purposeful that time was in her development.

Prior to this moment, she was still identified with a limiting thought about her process. Mainly that it was accidental and underwhelming.

A new and empowered insight was ignited when she listened to OTHER ESTABLISHED WOMEN ARTISTS talking about their process on a pod-cast she chose to listen to during her meal preparations. The result was that she felt validated. She also felt empowered to talk about her process in these more empowered terms.

And guess what? She was able to practice using this new language for her process with potential collaborators. It got them excited too and created unexpected momentum and synchronicity.

Takeaway: Don't keep your process a secret. When you can hold the perspective that your process matters, you can celebrate what you discover with others at any point in your work, and it will raise everyones vibration!

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