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📣 Share your big goals out loud! It's a fire starter!🔥

If you could shed all of your self-doubt about your abilities, all the anxiety that commitment and change brings, and kick all of your real-life obstacles and fears to the curb, what would be a totally awesome, far-out, utterly amazing outcome of your creative efforts? (I know that's a lot of "if's.") But seriously, ask yourself: What gallery, museum, publisher, producer; How much money, recognition; How many people could I serve, touch, teach, reach; What would make my heart sing?!

A Big Hairy Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) is a term coined by Jim Collins for organizations and companies to think ten+ years out in a way that would inspire innovation and a "reach for the stars" mentality. Setting Big Hairy Goals works for individuals too in a similar way. By setting a big goal into the future where it's far out enough to feel scary, and close in enough to feel exciting, you ignite a sense of possibility and movement. There are a lot of reasons why we don't think big about our goals. And there are even more reasons why we don't share our big goals with other other people. But that's a mistake. When someone reflects your goals back to you with conviction - it's a powerful fire-starter.

  • “When I reframed my big goal from this kind of secret inside of me that felt like drudgery to something I was celebrating with the world having achieved it, then it felt bubbly and exciting.” -Karin, writer, journalist

  • “It's amazing how powerful it is to declare my goal out loud in a group! I just I believe that I'll reach this goal like 10 times more than I did before. It's kind of uncanny!” -Regan, painter

  • “Sharing my goals has always felt so big and embarrassing. But when I hear all of your big goals and I respect and admire you all so much, then it's hard to sustain the judgment to myself that my goal is too big." - Lynn, writer

Takeaway: Once you have your Big Goal in mind, TURN UP THE DIAL and MAKE IT EVEN BIGGER: By this time next year, I'll have pre-sold sold 1,000, no 5,000 copies AND have a pod cast in the works...HOLY SHIT!

Once you are done laughing or crying or both, set down a small-step action you can take today in the direction of that goal.

*names changed

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