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Dare to be Different!

If you are in this community, I will venture a guess that you haven't always followed a straight path.  

Perhaps you've ruffled a few feathers, confused people with your choices, worried your parents, amazed others with your creativity and willingness to try something new.

Where are you on your path now?  

Are you beginning again?  Are you in the messy middle of some project and trying to see your way through?  Are you looking for the next challenge, big idea or risk to take?

What does it feel like to be where you are? In other words, what is the energy you you are bringing to your next intention?

Last year, when I was inside of my writing book project, I was 100% "Game On."  To do that, I had to do three things consistently:

1. Tell (and remind) everyone in my life that things had changed (I am not as available, for instance);

2. Ask for their help, support, encouragement (carpooling, editing, encouraging);

3. Show up every day and do what I said I would do. 

When we declare our intention to do something differently, we are going to be different.  That being state has an energy to it.

My next big goal is to complete and present a signature talk by May 15th. As always, I connected with another powerful creator,Tricia Brouk and her The Big Talk Academy.

Tricia asked me to "Play at Elevation."  What does it mean to play at elevation? For me it is an energetic state that reflects my 

  • Trust in the process and showing up for it every day.  

  • Belief that I deserve the opportunity I've created for myself.

  • Belief that what I have to say matters. (Even if I don't know exactly what I'll say yet!)

  • Belief that it matters that I say it now, not later, one year from now or never.

I'm fifty-three.

 When I turned forty, I climbed a 40-foot trapeze ladder for the first time.

At the top of the ladder, afraid to leave the platform and drop into a stomach-dropping swing, I froze. 

After about seven attempts to leap from the platform, I thought to myself, "I'm not turning back down the ladder, that I know for sure."

Right then the trapeze artist standing next to me said gently, "You can do this." 

And off I flew.

When you chose to do what scares you, you set yourself apart. 

You do things differently.  You become different. 

Once you believe that, there is no turning back.

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