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Action Lab is a small curated group coaching program for women artists who are ready to commit to putting their work out into the world to realize their creative visions.

Action Lab begins January 28, 2022!

It’s time to move from doubt to purpose, from confusion to having a plan, and from procrastination to action on your creative goals in 2022!  

In 5 months you’ll go from being isolated and stuck to being completely supported, seen, heard and championed and having made concrete progress toward your goals doing what you love most - your art!


  • You’re mid-way through a project, but procrastination and flimsy boundaries on external requests for your time are keeping you moving at a snail’s pace.

  • You’ve completed a project and it’s sitting on a shelf, in a drawer, or on the studio wall because you are worried about what others will think or that no one will care about your work.

  • You are re-activating your creative vision after a time away but get overwhelmed with limiting thoughts that you are irrelevant, or suck at networking, or don’t have the resources, time, space that you need to get your work done.

  • You’re afraid to even start because you think you’ll lack the consistency needed to realize your vision, which on some level you doubt is realistic or feel worthy of realizing.

  • You’re exhausted by all of the demands on your time and can’t imagine having the motivation or energy or support that would make it possible for you to focus on your goals.

  • As each day passes, you can feel time slipping by and you feel more stuck, more defeated, more uncertain if you should even try, if you can even come close to the vision you have in your heart.  

The #1 most sabotaging thought that artists have is that what they are called to do isn’t as important or essential as any other professional or competing commitment.


Hi.  I’m Naomi Vladeck.  I support artists and creatives who want to make work that fulfills them and resonates with other people and the world.  Using a powerful combination of creative mindset coaching and mindfulness practice, I help women SHED patterns and thoughts that don’t SERVE them anymore, STEP INTO their potential in a big way and be ACCOUNTABLE to their agenda so that they can TAKE THE STEPS forward that open up possibilities they couldn’t have even imagined before the Action Lab.


I TOTALLY GET YOU. Since I was in my 20’s, I knew I was supposed to coach, teach and inspire other artists to put their gifts into the world.  But instead of coming out big with my gifts, I tiptoed. For 25 years I did A WHOLE HELLUVA LOT except coach artists. I got a Masters Degree in Performance Studies at NYU and completed two coaching certifications. I rose up as an executive level fundraiser and planner in non-profit dance, theater and museum institutions. 

I ran writing labs and retreats. I performed solo performance art. I even FOUNDED my own Non Profit presenting organization for mid-career women artists.  No one could say I wasn’t PASSIONATE about giving voice to artists --- but I didn’t really yet know THE POWER OF MY OWN VOICE.

That is, until my husband died six years ago. I had to let go of who I was and enter into a transition that engaged ALL OF MY SENSES so that I could learn to be available to who I was becoming and USE MY VOICE in a BIG WAY.

This is why I created Action Lab. To specifically address the unique challenges and opportunities of women artists in mid-life transitions and help them harness their years of experience and artistry into the work and life of their dreams. My Action Labs includes a mix of women artists who are writers, choreographers, painters, sculptors, theater artists, filmmakers and musicians and other creatives who have a high level of commitment to their work.


In this webinar we will cover

January 28, 2022 to June 5, 2022 

You are driven to put your unique project, voice, expression into the world.  Right now, there is nothing else you’d rather do.


Action Lab is a 5 month experience of supportive group coaching that will get you moving toward your vision.  When you are working with me in the company of these other women you will immediately feel the vibration in your heart shift into high gear.  


The experience of being coached with other women who share their vision, goals, values and action plan is life changing.  Your presence will contribute to an exchange of motivation, ideas, resources and compassion that will teach you how to disarm the resistance that has kept you stuck for too long. 


  • Create a vision for your artistry to thrive

  • Identify your primary focus and an action and start making progress toward your goals

  • Complete what you set out to achieve  - from a book to a major installation!

  • Declare your commitment to your work using language you can use in the real world to generate new opportunities 

  • Use language that honors your commitments to yourself by setting healthy boundaries that help you make space for your work.

  • Learn how to cultivate and maintain a creative mindset even when the going gets tough!

  • Learn mindfulness skills that will make your intuition available to you in new ways

  • Know when old beliefs, thoughts and patterns are obstructing your view of your path

  • Gain a supportive community of like-minded women artists who GET YOU TOO!


Carol Warner

Painter, NYC Studio Liaison, Franz Mayer of Munich, Inc

“Naomi immediately understood what I needed and coached me to get to a place where I can talk with confidence about my work and push the edge of my comfort zone in a supported way. The group’s honest sharing provided the inspiration I needed to try new language to promote my work and take risks that helped me test my confidence in studio settings. “

Action Lab participants benefit from my signature coaching system. I'll bring you though a 6-step program that will have you: 

Articulate your Compelling Vision 

You’ll design a compelling vision that empowers you to declare your purpose using language that has power and impact.

Identify Your Primary Focus

You’ll have a crystal clear primary focus to propel you into the world with confidence.

Build Awareness

You’ll have tools to regulate negative self-talk and those sabotaging thoughts and beliefs that obstruct your path.

Commit to Action

You’ll wake up each day with a sense of purpose and clear goals and action steps.

Succeed with Support

You’ll have identified a circle of support that will sustain your practice, from mentors to technical support and everything in between!

Celebrate your wins

You’ll access the joy that is waiting for you when you complete what you set out to accomplish! 

When you join an ACTION LAB in 2022 you will get:

  • 9 group coaching CALLS, 2 per month, during a 5-month period (Zoom)


  • Handouts to support your deepening and tracking your vision, focus, awareness and action steps!

  • SPOT COACHING from me in-between sessions as needed AND anytime through the phone app that we use to stay connected

  • Access to recorded sessions.

  • Communication via phone app with Lab peers for on-the-spot feedback, peer support and celebration


  • 1:1 PRIVATE hour-long coaching SESSION to launch your Action Lab program where you will clarify your vision, identify your primary focus and commitments moving into the Action Lab

  • A 3-DAY INTENSIVE RETREAT at the conclusion of your Action Lab to launch you into the next six months with an Action Plan!

Action Lab Dates & Application

The Action Lab meets TWICE A MONTH ON FRIDAYS from 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

January 28th – First Lab!
February 11
February 25
March 11
March 25
April 8
April 22
May 6
May 20
June 3,4, 5 Restorative/Reflective RETREAT!

Applications open on December 10, 2021 

Space is limited so don’t wait, throw your hat in the ring!    

Applications due by January 17th
1:1 Sessions will be scheduled the week of January 17 and January 24

Interested, but not sure?

Schedule a call with Naomi!

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Naomi is a certified coach with the Creativity Coaching Association and Mindful NYU’s Inner MBA program. She completed certification training with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and is currently enrolled with Coaches Rising - Transformational Coach Training.  

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