As a transformation and creativity coach, I am committed to ungluing you from the story you’ve been telling yourself that has kept you playing small or tolerating unfulfilling circumstances.  

If you are reading this, then you are ready to find new ways to cultivate your voice, strengthen your vision and move to action on a path forward that has meaning and energy for you.  


Through a coaching partnership that we co-create, you'll choose a coaching option below and schedule your first session:



      Individual coaching - This is where the magic happens!


      Designed to include an initial 2-hour Discovery Session

      and three 40-minute coaching sessions per month

      for a period of three months. 



      Supportive Strategies for Independent Artists

          Meets weekly for 12 weeks a session to support 

          ongoing creative conversation and to promote

          collaboration and mindfulness.

          Limited to 8 participants.



My clients are creative, productive, energetic, value driven women, mothers and artists who work a coaching partnership so that they can clarify their creative or personal vision and move forward with energy and purpose.  


  • They may reach out for coaching when they are anticipating or experiencing the impact of an external change or internal shift in their life.  


  • They may be grieving or notice resistance, confusion or anger that is clouding the view of their path.   


  • They may struggle with claiming space or time for themselves or they may feel an urgency to set a definable course but haven’t yet articulated their needs or the vision they feel in their heart is available to them.  


Coaching works to disarm your resistance and deepen your connection to who are in this moment.  Times of transition are when we are most open to self-inquiry and creative visioning.  A supportive coaching partnership opens up the possibilities available to you right now and lights the path you’ll take to step into your life with clarity and purpose.



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