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You Won't Grow if you Don't Let Go

How has January been treating you so far?I came out of the gate a little wobbly, if I'm being honest.I want to blame it on menopause - and that certainly may play a part.

But whatever caused my wobbles,  I knew I had to ask the question:

What do I need to let go of in order to allow the transitions that I am currently experiencing to unfold? 

This weekend was a challenge. I felt emotional pain in my body.I know that the only way out of the pain was to go through it -  to STOP RESISTING and let the full weight of it do its thing for a few minutes.

Resistance was strong in me this weekend.  I needed help to stop holding on to those feelings!

Years ago, a friend of mine whose father had passed away told me that when she needed to give her grief a way out, she would play the film Terms of Endearment. Watching that movie opened her flood gates. 

She always felt better after she had a good cry.

While I finished cooking a meal I was actually pretty excited to make (although I wasn't sure either of my teens would be home to eat it) I called a friend who could empathize.

When I hung up the phone - I leaned against the refrigerator with a spatula in hand and the flood gates opened.

THANK GOD.  I felt so much lighter!

But letting go doesn't stop there! 

Once we can think straight, our task is to GET CURIOUS about what we need to let go of in order to move forward. 

Is anything you need to LET GO OF?

  • Beliefs about yourself, others or the world?

  • Patterns in a relationship?

  • Resentments or lingering pain?

  • Asking for or offering forgiveness?

 Our body is a bell-wether for our longing and an invitation to let go of resistance that keeps our desire and creative abundance locked away.   

Change asks us to tolerate a certain amount of discomfort. 

We have to DO/THINK things differently if we want things to BE different.

If you feel any resistance to accepting change or making choices that feel scary - ask yourself what you might have to let go of.   

But first and foremost - FEEL YOUR FEELINGS even if you need a little help from Shirley MacClaine and Debra Winger to cry them out.  

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