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What Were You Made For?

Updated: Mar 11

The clients who work with me are like us. 

They are brave enough to ask the very question Barbie is asking (thank you Billie Eillish!).

What was I made for?

Many of us don't really know the answer to that question for much of our lives.

Some of us have paved very straight career pathways in the past; Many have carved out paths that are more zig zagging. 

Some have had a clear passion since youth; Some believe they have no singular passion at all.

Whatever path you've traveled and whatever story you've told about your natural gifts and affinities -- when you reach the stage of life you are in now --- you can chose to ask this question again (or for the first time).

What was I made for?

You don't have to wait to find out.

Right now you get to make a fully conscious choice to follow a new path that honors your longing.

You can choose to lead with curiosity and to follow your desire.

To do that is to live "riskily". *

When you live riskily you are willing to ask the question: Who Am I Becoming?

This prospect is exciting, but it's also scary.

As you do the work, the veil that your fears have woven with old beliefs and narratives, negative self-talk and sabotaging thoughts will lift.

The time in transition to a new beginning is a creative process that asks you to be brave.

And the rewards are great.

Self-compassion and care is a critical skill to practice.

It's a hard one to install - I admit.

But your sweetness, your gold, your deep desire is precious and needs your care in order to reveal itself through the cracks of your old life.

Such work is not for the faint of heart.  It's for you - my risk curious creative!

If you are at a point of intersection in your life that is inviting you to provoke a change that honors your desire,  Let’s talk!

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