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Stalling Change

Dear << Test First Name >>,

My work focuses on change and transition. My clients are ready to take action that will change the trajectory of their lives. They may still be tentative, because they don't know what their work will entail, but they have made the decision to try. What I talk less about, but is probably a more confounding proposition than transition itself, is anticipating change. On average, it takes five years from the moment we have our change thought to actually making the change we want. Five years! Why do we wait so long? We wait so long because a part of us thinks it's a good strategy. We are wired to avoid immediate threats at all costs. So when we even think about making a change, a part of our brain sees a hungry tiger ahead. It's no wonder we repeatedly decide, "I'll have familiar status quo today, for change tomorrow." How many of us have postponed a break up, stayed in a job, delayed a move or an adventure long past the time when we knew the clock had run out? The biggest problem with that strategy is that it's based on a faulty proposition. Yes, not knowing exactly what our future will bring can be an unnerving thought at times. But not knowing won't eat you alive. How do I know? Because I've had the experience of being thrust into change and of provoking the change I want, and I've experienced the most exciting transformative growth of my life each time. Waiting to change tomorrow will cost you so much more than it will today. You've already given years away to an imagined danger. Our actual fears can be tended to, but the imagined ones only require your courage to get past. They are the gatekeepers to the wonder and aliveness that is really standing in front of you. How to muster the courage then? You know what I think. We can't do all of the hard work of change alone. With small curious steps and with supportive others who share your vision, you can begin to create the circumstances for what you want today.

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